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About Freelance Folk

 Katy Carlisle, who set up Freelance Folk

Katy Carlisle, who set up Freelance Folk

Freelance Folk originally started life in 2015 as Freelance Friday, a weekly coworking session on Friday afternoons in Manchester for freelancers, remote workers, or people thinking of becoming self employed. We've recently expanded our coworking offering to Sheffield and Bristol, plus we now have a monthly social in Manchester on the last Friday of the month.

Freelance Folk is the brainchild of me, Katy Carlisle. When I worked with other freelancers as part of my website design work, I regularly found that they were going through very similar issues to me, but we'd both struggled through them on our own. I would go to cafés and sit on adjacent tables to five other people on their laptops, possibly with their own businesses, but we wouldn't talk.

This all got me thinking about finding a way to bring freelancers together for a few hours every week, in a way that they could get on with their own work but in the company of others. This would allow people to make useful connections, ask advice or for a second opinion and just have a chat about any issues that they were dealing with around being self employed. As luck would have it, a week after I began considering this, I walked in to Ziferblat. Straight away I knew that this would be a perfect space to use for the freelancer get togethers, and Freelance Folk was born.