Developing a new brand identity

I'm a big fan of the Lean Startup approach and creating a Minimum Viable Product to test out whether your idea has legs before spending all your hard-earned cash on it.

So naturally, when I first started Freelance Folk (at that time, called Freelance Friday) I went for a quick and dirty approach, quickly putting together a logo with a random Google font. This was fine for the early stages of the coworking sessions, but as we became more established I started to feel that the logo was letting the side down a bit. 

Once we'd been featured in the Guardian (#lifegoals) I knew that it was time for a change. Thankfully, I'd met Kate Moorhouse through one of my Squarespace workshops, and she was just starting out as a freelance graphic designer after working in an agency for several years. 

"I was asked to create a logo for the meet-up group Freelance Folk" says Kate. "Initially I did four concepts which answered the brief in different ways. I go along to the meet-ups and regularly see all types of people but the common ground is that the group is friendly and professional."

After Kate presented me with various different designs, I consulted with some of the group at one of our coworking sessions. Helpfully, everybody liked a different option, which made me remember how subjective design actually is! I invoked my Benign Dictator privileges and went with the logo that I thought was the strongest, and that also looked most like it had been designed by a professional.  

"The chosen concept was designed to be current and approachable - keywords which fit the aspiring and expanding meetup", she explains. "For social media icons the logo was reduced to FF which is a nod to the face-to-face aspect of meet-ups for freelancers. I thought the colour palette needed to be bright and cheery to reflect the inviting nature of the group. The colours work harmoniously and are strong enough individually to have a good selection of options." 

It was quite funny being on the other side of the client relationship, and I was a bit worried that I was being really awkward by requesting several small changes to the original suggested design, but Kate was totally accommodating and quickly turned around the revisions. 

She did a great job of understanding where we wanted to position ourselves and created a logo that was both friendly and professional, and which really reflects our fun but growing organisation. Our old logo which I'd cobbled together looks so rubbish by comparison now. I also loved that Kate added an extra touch by providing me with an animated GIF version of the logo that I could use on social media - I would never have thought of or known how to do this myself!

About Kate Moorhouse

Kate has been a graphic designer for over 10 years with experience working in-house for companies in Manchester. In 2016 she enrolled at Shillington design school, so she left a full time graphic design job and went back to college full time—which she loved and gained a lot of knowledge in addition to her work experience. This gave her the push to go freelance and at the start of 2017 she picked up her first clients. She also works for agencies around Manchester offering extra help. Her skills include branding, print design, front end web design, art direction and trend research. She's loving every minute of freelancing and hopes to help more local businesses on the way.

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