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Guest Post: My work experience, experience

Year 10 student Angelika from UTC Media City did her work experience with me, and here she sums up her experience of being freelance for a week!

Welcome to my blog about my experience with work experience for the week with Katy Carlisle from The Wheel Exists. I started from Monday 5th March and did my last day on 9th March at Ziferblat on Edge Street and in their branch at MediaCityUK.

What Is Work Experience?

Work Experience. Is it worth the time? What good does it actually do for you? Well, work experience is pretty self explanatory, an opportunity to experience work, the workplace and lifestyle. Work Experience is a great chance to have a head start in the future and give you advantages such as knowledge about what it is like in a workplace and increasing employment due to the company not having to explain everything from the start.

It also provides loads of transferable skills like time management, organisation, teamwork, initiative, creativity, problem solving, negotiation, decision making and so many more!

So What Did I Actually Do?

During my week, I experienced both practical and theory work in the website development and design business. In the practical side I used Squarespace to create my own website template ideal for freelance illustrators and artists. Also, I took time to help out in a podcast on Thursday and went out to UKFast and experienced speed mentoring with Katy and the mentees attending on Friday.

 Friday's mentoring event

Friday's mentoring event

In the theory side I compiled lots of research for Katy on Squarespace Authorised Trainers and their events, and good freelance podcasts to possibly co-host in and speak about your business and you experiences with it. I also created plans for my website template and planned out this blog!

For most of the time in the week, I was working in Ziferblat in the Northern Quarter but on Thursday I worked at the Ziferblat in MediaCity.

If you don’t know, Ziferblat is a relaxed seating area, shared office area and private meeting rooms, all where you can work, study, relax, play, attend, and put on events, “where everything is free - except the time you stay”. Meaning, all you have to pay for is how long you stay, so all the food and drinks are completely free!

The Workplace

During my experience at Ziferblat and with Katy, I learnt that the workplace for a freelancer is really flexible and the hours you work can easily be manipulated to fit the freelancer. For example, on Wednesday I was granted a work-from-home day and had the chance to complete work from the comfort of my own home. This taught me that, as a freelancer, you can manage your own time and comfortably work in your own environment rather than in an office for set hours and a set schedule.

In The End…

In the end, getting the opportunity to do work experience was a great opportunity for me to learn and develop life skills and learn things useful for the future for if I decide to go freelance in the future. I really enjoyed my experience and I highly recommend for you to take on work experience if you are considering it or are being recommended by school or family to take it!