Freelance Up North Podcast

Freelance Folk collaborated with our lovely venue hosts Ziferblat for this seven episode mini-series in which we hear from people involved with the wonderful world of freelancing up in the North of England.

Check out the episodes below or search for “Freelance Up North” on your preferred podcasting platform.

Episode 1: Sara Benaissa 

In this episode we chat with freelance writer, Sara Benaissa. She writes think piece blogs, web copy and communications as well as poems and short stories. Sara loves writing about identity, social movements, technology and urban perspectives. She's also a successful coffee drinker and manc food enthusiast.

Episode 2: Michelle Pratt

This time we speak to Michelle Pratt, a freelance business coach and personal development trainer. Her focus is on creating lasting change and helping you get to where you want to be.

Episode 3: Mike Pye

Next up, we talk to Mike Pye who runs the Mike Pye + Co marketing consultancy. They create targeted marketing campaigns fuelled by creative content, founded on insight and imagination.

Episode 4: Helen Dibble

In this episode we have a natter with Helen Dibble who runs Incredibble, a copywriting agency based in Manchester with clients across the UK and Ireland. They help people tell their business stories by writing incredible copy for websites, articles, videos and more.

Episode 5: Katya Willems

This time we speak to Instagram coach and photographer, Katya Willems. Katya helps creative businesses make the most from their social media through one to one consultancy and open workshops.

Episode 6: Col Skinner

In this episode we talk to Col Skinner, a digital advertising expert and owner of Profoundry, based in Manchester centre. Col works with startups, SMEs, brands and agencies, offering strategic digital marketing services that increase ROI.

Episode 7: Nathan Ouriach

In the final episode, we chat to Nathan Ouriach who works in the marketing department at Prolific North. He chats about what he's discovered through researching his new podcast, "What am I doing?" which looks at how freelance work is changing in the North.