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Popup coworking at Ziferblat in Manchester

It can get lonely if you're a freelancer or you work from home. Let's be alone together every Friday 2-5pm at Ziferblat, Manchester. It's an informal coworking session where you can share ideas and challenges, meet other freelancers and make useful connections! 

Just pay the Ziferblat fee of 8p per minute for unlimited tea, coffee, cake, biscuits, cereal and wifi. There are plenty of plug sockets for laptops but don't worry, you don't have to be a computer-based business to join us. If you're not currently self employed but are thinking of taking the plunge, come on down and chat to us to find out what it's really like to be freelance (the good and the bad).

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Going to Freelance Folk every Friday when I started out as a freelancer was a real rock for me. I was feeling a bit wobbly and lost, and the support and encouragement I got from the freelance folk was invaluable.
— Katya Willems, Social Media Manager and Food Photographer
I do a lot of home working and I sometimes get cabin fever, so going to Freelance Folk makes sure I get that interaction with others that I need to stay energised for my work. It’s a great place to share ideas and get inspiration, it’s become a key part of my support network and it’s fun! The people are interesting and inspirational too.

And it’s not why I go, but through attending the coworking sessions, others have recommended me or ended up working with me. I’ve also bought services from others and learned a lot from them!
— Michelle Pratt, Dive Deeper Development Business Coaching