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Hello lovely freelance types and welcome to the members area.

Here you can view your account, access the discount codes that you get as part of your membership, and also check out useful resources that we will be adding over the coming months.

Manchester Freelance Folk members will also receive a membership card which can be used to get the discounted 6p per minute rate at Ziferblat. This is valid on days with coworking sessions, so every Friday at the Edge Street branch, and on the second Tuesday of the month at Media City. Please come along to any of the coworking sessions to collect your card. 

Directory Listings

If you'd like to be listed on the website, please email me on with the information below:

  • Your name
  • Your business name, if different to your name
  • A photo of yourself (feel free to make it a quirky one as long as people can still tell who you are)
  • Your business logo
  • Your website
  • Your contact details
  • Your social media links
  • A few sentences about who you are and what you do (please write it in the third person please e.g. "Katy Carlisle is...")
  • What category you would describe yourself as

Useful Links

Discount Codes

Caunce O'Hara

15% discount will automatically be applied when you visit the site via the link below.  


Use code FreelanceFolk2017 for a 15% discount when signing up for your membership. 


Use code WHEEL when signing up for a monthly or annual plan for 20% off in your first year.

Note: If you're on a Squarespace trial and you need more time, you don't have to subscribe until you're ready. Simply submit a customer care support request and ask for an extension. They will give you more time, no questions asked.  

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